Билеты Оля Полякова Королева ночи Шоу на бис!

Оля Полякова Королева ночи Шоу на бис! || 26 october 2021 || Palace of Sports

26 october 19:00
Kyiv · Palace of Sports
799 - 1999 uah
Genre : Pop

Olya Polyakova will play the last concert as part of the "Queen of the Night" show

Shortly about the event 

Holding one of the most enchanting shows in autumn — Koroleva Nochi — has become a tradition for Kyiv residents and guests of the capital city. And the organizer and the main instigator of the largest-scale event is the country's famous blonde Olya Polyakova. 

What is so special about this show? Well, probably everything. Olya Polyakova always strives for the best, so the organization of her concerts is treated with great responsibility and a desire to give her fans the best emotions and impressions. The artist uses the best equipment to create high-quality surround sound and impressive visual shows with 3D effects.

Olya Polyakova's videos have tens of millions of views on YouTube. But her live shows are just as good as her videos. A team of over 700 people work on the show. A choreography team meticulously rehearses each number with costume changes, which are also worth watching. The performer herself also keeps the audience's attention as she changes costumes and images one after the other. Olga appears before the audience as a mermaid, innocent girl, sometimes the fairy godmother, sometimes the majestic queen. It is interesting and captivating to watch the dancer and her show-ballet from the stage. Olya Polyakova knows how to hold the attention of the audience and deliver a maximum of impressions to the guests of her show.

Each of her songs is a sure hit, which everybody knows by heart, it will be hard to resist and not to sing along. But do you have to restrain yourself? Certainly not! Olya Polyakova's compositions are made for "to party hard".

In addition, the main blonde of the country has a charming and attractive charisma and the most importantly - an incredible sense of humour. So you will not be bored.

Tickets for previous shows of the artist were sold out long before they started. Each of her performances attracted sold-out crowds and thousands of enthusiastic and happy eyes. Olya Polyakova Koroleva Nochi is an event worth visiting at least once. There is no place for melancholy and boredom, only drive, only excitement and the highest quality and spectacular show. 

Date and time 

Olya Polyakova hosts her show every year in the second half of autumn. Traditionally it is 25-27 October. During this period, many of us are experiencing autumnal moping, as the weather outside is getting cold and rainy, and there's still a long way to go until the New Year holidays. We want something festive and bright. That's why Koroleva Nochi is a perfect way to fill your body with hormones of happiness.

Olya Polyakova's concert is that emotional oasis amidst the grey desert of everyday life, which will breathe life and joy into the autumn. The Koroleva Nochi show will make your November night completely different, filled with wonderful memories that will make your heart beat faster and bring a nice smile to your face.

We recommend you get tickets for the concert in advance, as there will be a lot of people interested in the show.

About the artist

Olya Polyakova has been known to Ukrainians for a very long time. She is loved not only for her strong voice and shapely legs but also for her exceptional charisma and subtle sense of irony and humour. In addition to her singing career, the artist has also been involved in the media business, appearing on many television shows both as a contestant and as a presenter. Her collection of shows is so vast that surely every Ukrainian has, without exception, seen her on TV in the shows 

  • Kto protiv blondinok, 
  • Svetlie golovi, 
  • Кто sverhu, 
  • Narodna zirka, 
  • League Smeha, 
  • Vichka, 
  • Boginya shoppinga, 
  • Kaznit nelzya pomilovat, 
  • Zvezdnye yajtsa and many others.

Despite her long vocal career, Olya shot to fame after releasing the super hit Slapstick in 2013. Since then, her popularity hasn't abated and each new song is an unprecedented new hit sung by the whole of Ukraine. Among such songs it is easy to recognise "Lyuli", "Number One", "Bivshiy", "Led tronulsya", "Hey secundochky", "Nochnaya jritsa" and others.

The love for her songs is caused not only by the catchy melody and rhythm but also by the fact that each piece has a meaning and a story that is close to many Ukrainians. The videos show Olya's legendary sense of humour and her ability to laugh at herself and life situations. Thus, the seemingly failed personal relationships take a completely different turn in the artist's compositions. In other words, with Olya Polyakova's songs, life becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Olya Polyakova is also known as an actress, her acting can be appreciated in the movies "Swingers", "Swingers 2", "Me, You, Him, Her" and "Stars in Exchange".


A show of this scale must take place at a suitable venue. That's why Olya Polyakova chose one of the biggest venues in Kiev, the Palace of Sports. 

The building is situated near the Sportyvnaa Square 1 metro station of the same name. It is on the stage of Sport's Palace of Sports that Twenty One Pilots, Britney Spears, Sting, Depeche Mode, The Prodigy, Korn, Thirty Seconds to Mars and many other stars of the world performed. The venue hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.

Today, the high-tech and versatility of the Palais des Sports allows it to be called the premier venue for artists, athletes and businessmen.

The arena and stage of the Palace of Sports has been transformed many times. There's been a basketball court, an ice rink and an incredible 360 degree view stage for the M1 Music Awards.

No wonder the country's top blonde and hitmaker chose this particular location. Because this is the place where the boldest and most ambitious ideas can be realized and a really incredible show can be created. 

Don't forget to worry about your leisure time in advance and buy tickets to Olya Polyakova's Koroleva Nochi concert. You can do it in just a couple of minutes online. You don't need to print out the e-ticket, just show the file from your phone screen.


Оля Полякова Королева ночи Шоу на бис! <span> || 26 october 2021 || Palace of Sports</span>
Оля Полякова Королева ночи Шоу на бис! <span> || 26 october 2021 || Palace of Sports</span>


Frequently asked questions
📆 When does the Olya Polyakova perform in Ukraine?

Olya Polyakova performs 26 october , 19:00 in Kyiv. Tickets can be purchased here

🔥 How much does a ticket cost for a performance Olya Polyakova in Ukraine?

A concert ticket for an Olya Polyakova can be purchased at TicketsBox in the price range 799 - 1999 uah

📍 Where will the Olya Polyakova Concert take place?

The concert venue is Palace of Sports

Оля Полякова Королева ночи Шоу на бис! || 26 october 2021 || Palace of Sports
26 october 19:00
799 - 1999 uah