Билеты Desert Storm - Of Road Fest

Desert Storm - Of Road Fest || from 23.07.2021 to 25.07.2021 || st. School, 393

23 july 17:00 - 25 july 21:00
Kherson · Zhelezny`j Port
200 - 2000 uah
Genre : Motorsport

Desert Storm is the time when the adrenaline in the blood is at a maximum. 
This is a powerful competition, after which there are no words left, as the emotions will be off the scale. 
Over three days you'll see the brave and the boldface off in duels on land, on water, day and night. 
Quests, trials, drag races, kiddie races are just a small part of what you'll be excited about. 

If you appreciate the outdoors, adore Of Road vehicles and your heart flutters at the roar of motors, get your tickets to the festival quick.

Desert Storm is an event that will change your life for the better!


17:00 to 21:00
Exhibition of pilots and vehicles, tourist off-road vehicles, 6-wheeled monsters, quad bikes, buggies and motor cars.

For the first time in Ukraine, there will be an exhibition of children riders on quad bikes and motorbikes.
A unique opportunity to talk to the Champions of Ukraine and Europe on cars and motorbikes as well as to be a navigator and ride with the pilots in the parade of machines will be provided.
A new record in Ukraine for the largest crowd of Of road vehicles within one festival will be fixed on that day.
The whole day will be full of entertainment and raffle prizes.


15:00 — the start of the children's cross country race on quad bikes and motorbikes for children.
18:00 — Children's Drag Racing start on quad bikes and motorbikes.
20:00 — the start of large-scale Drag Racing. Participants from all over Ukraine categories: Tr0, Tr1, Tr2, Tr3, Moto, Utv, Atv cross, will prove their skills and speed.


14:00 — start Supertrial. 
All participants on vehicles (car/moto) will overcome difficult obstacles made of obstacles and cars.       

During all days, all guests participate in the drawing of prizes and gifts!

Kherson region, Zhelezny`j Port, 393 Shkolnaya str. 


Desert Storm - Of Road Fest || from 23.07.2021 to 25.07.2021 || st. School, 393
23 july 17:00 - 25 july 21:00
200 - 2000 uah