Билеты DRUHA RIKA. A charity concert

DRUHA RIKA. A charity concert || 08 october 2022 || October Palace

08 october 18:00
Kyiv · October Palace
1200 - 1400 uah

Druha rika in Kyiv! Don`t miss 2022-10-08 в 18:00 on the ICCA OCTOBER PALACE, Kyiv.

Insha Rika: the band "Druha Rika" will play a charity acoustic concert in Kyiv

"Druha Rika" will play the first concert in Kyiv since the full-scale invasion of Russia

On October 8, a charity acoustic concert by the Ukrainian rock band "Druha Rika" will be held at the "October Palace" Moscow Art Museum in Kyiv. The performance will be held as part of the Insha Rika tour, which was stopped due to the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine. Part of the collected funds will be sent to support the Armed Forces.


"Another River" is the group's favorite songs performed acoustically, including "Three Minutes", "Seventh Day", "Fury", "Secret", "There's So Little of You" and others . This is familiar to everyone energy of the band, but an unconventional new sound – deep, responsive, with emphasis on vocals and clean sound of instruments.



"If someone ever asks me what concert or tour you have postponed the most, I will definitely say that it is the Another River tour, which we postponed twice, and now we are going back to those concerts, despite the state of war in the country . The reasons are simple: we have certain obligations to everyone who bought tickets, and we also continue our charitable activities, as the needs of the Armed Forces do not decrease" , commented the band's frontman Valery Kharchyshyn on the resumption of the tour.


"Druha Rika" has been known to many fans of Ukrainian rock for 26 years. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, musicians have been engaged in volunteer activities: they perform for the military, support charitable initiatives, in particular for the reconstruction of destroyed cities, and play charity concerts, the profits of which go to cover the needs of the Armed Forces.


Recently, the band released a new track "Did you hear", which will also be played at the concert in an acoustic version. The song is dedicated to all the destroyed cities and affected residents of Ukraine due to the aggression of the Russian occupiers.


The acoustic concert in Kyiv will be the first as part of the Insha Rika tour, and the band plans to play other postponed concerts in the future. Follow the new announcements on the band's social media pages: Facebook , Instagram .

There is a shelter on the lower floor of the October Palace. In the event of an air alarm, all spectators and musicians will wait for it to end there, after which the concert will continue.


You can join the fund-raising for the support of the Armed Forces using the following details:

Bank institution — PrivatBank

The MFI of the bank is 305299

The recipient of the payment is LUCHKIN VOLODYMYR YURIYOVYCH

IBAN — UA213052990000026203893340711

The recipient's account is 26203893340711

The currency of the card is UAH

RNOKPP of the recipient is 2596502196

PayPal: [email protected]

Monobank card number: 5375411413432829

Privatbank card number: 5363542013946513

Sendmoney: https://privatbank.ua/sendmoney?payment=fd42fc3444

Wayforpay: https://secure.wayforpay.com/donate/dbff7399885c0



Frequently asked questions
📆 When does the Druga Rika perform in Ukraine?

Druga Rika performs 08 october , 18:00 in Kyiv. Tickets can be purchased here

🔥 How much does a ticket cost for a performance Druga Rika in Ukraine?

A concert ticket for an Druga Rika can be purchased at TicketsBox in the price range 1200 - 1400 uah

📍 Where will the Druga Rika Concert take place?

The concert venue is October Palace

DRUHA RIKA. A charity concert || 08 october 2022 || October Palace
08 october 18:00
1200 - 1400 uah

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