Artificial intelligence has written a "new" song, Nirvana. Sounds convincing

Artificial intelligence has written a "new" song, Nirvana. Sounds convincing

The Canadian company Over The Bridge has created a musical project in which artificial intelligence analyzed the songs of the Club 27 members and created "new" ones in their style.
The project was named Lost Tapes of the 27 Club ("Lost records of the" Club 27 ") in honor of the conditional" Club 27 ", which includes musicians, under tragic circumstances - through psychological or drug problems - died at the age of 27.
Among them are Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), Jim Morrison (The Doors), Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse and others.
On April 5, on the 27th anniversary of the death of the Nirvana frontman, Drowned in the Sun was released, the group's "new" song created by artificial intelligence:

In general, the program analyzed 30 songs of the members of the "Club 27" and created "new" compositions that were included in the mini-album.
In this way, Over The Bridge wants to raise awareness of the mental health issue in the music industry.
To create the music, they used the machine learning program Magenta, created by Google.
Artificial intelligence analyzed the structure of songs, and then created new melodies and rhythms.
A standard neural network was used for the text, which analyzed the lyrics of the group and created words.
Eric Hogan, the leader of a tribute band called Nevermind, was hired to record the vocals for the song Nirvana.
According to him, the song combines the moods of the albums Nevermind and In Utero:

“Kurt would just write what he feels. If he liked it, it became a Nirvana track. I hear similar sentiments in the new Drowned in the Sun. Well, okay, there is some kind of Utero vibe or Nevermind in it. In this regard, I understand how artificial intelligence wrote the track"

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