Love during a pandemic Watch SunSay's video for the single "Burn to ashes"

Love during a pandemic Watch SunSay's video for the single "Burn to ashes"

Music group SunSay presented a single and a video for the song "Burn to ashes".

The new track is about 2020, which made many people think about the fragility of life and learn to appreciate what we have.
The words of the song were written by the leader of the group Andrey Zaporozhets at the height of the first lockdown in 2020.

"The phrase "Burn to ashes" came to my mind as I watched the sunset. This is a song about the value of human life, a reminder that everything can end at any moment, and in a sense it depends on everyone.
The pandemic and the lockdown have divided us very much - that is why we should unite even more, I mean all of humanity"
says Andrey Zaporozhets.

The video was filmed at the recreation center "Divny Ostrov" in the Kharkov region, on the banks of the Seversky Donets River.
The area became the perfect backdrop for depicting a love story.
The key image of the clip is the bright sun in the final shots.
These are photographs of the sun taken in summer 2020 by the Solar Orbiter spacecraft that have flown around the world.


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