For partners

We are always open for mutually beneficial cooperation. If you are a ticket operator, then we offer you the best business solution for organizing a ticket service - TicketCRM.

It is an application software that allows:

  • automate all business processes related to the sale of tickets and ticket management, customer databases, interaction with event organizers;
  • build an effective sales and marketing system;
  • set up business intelligence tools, track sales statistics in detail.

After connecting to the system, you get:

  • the ability to accept tickets for events for sale and sell them using our own ticket service, ticket services and offline sales points of our or our own partners; access to a centralized database of events and their organizers;
  • integration with all ticket services of our partners and tools for interacting with them;
  • payment instruments, instruments for ordering, booking and selling tickets;
  • a system for calculating the cost of tickets, commissions from sales and profits;
  • instruments for mutual settlements between system participants;
  • sales reporting system;
  • tools for monitoring event attendance.

With the capabilities of TicketCRM, you can easily automate processes:

  • project management;
  • maintaining a database of counterparties and the history of relationships with them;
  • maintaining customer bases;
  • communication and marketing;
  • exchange of electronic documents.

If you do not have your own platform for selling tickets, you can install the TicketCRM widget on any of your website and get access to the optimal set of functionality for sales.

Go to and see how it works.

We look forward to collaborating!