«Three Trojandi»: watch the banter clip of the «Ol.Iv.ye» group. This is real kitsch

«Three Trojandi»: watch the banter clip of the «Ol.Iv.ye» group. This is real kitsch

The musical project of Alexander Polozhinsky (ex- "Tartak") and blogger and musician Ivan Marunich created the most kitschy song and video.

They have a lot of parody references to modern trends: from tiktok dances to outrageous costumes.
"Three Trojandi" is deliberately recorded in the style of synth-pop of the eighties, and in the melody you can easily recognize the hits Blinding Lights from The Weeknd and "White Roses" by the Laskoviy May group.
Thus, "Ol.Iv.ye" is simultaneously mocking modern pop stars and the old stage.
A no less parody video was filmed in Egypt, and Jamala, Anya Dobrydneva, Tonya and Nina Matvienko played as charms.
All of them happened to be in the same hotel on vacation with the musicians "Ol.Iv.ye".

“When the song“ Three Troyandi ”was written, it was a parody of songs of such a popular genre.
When the arrangements were made and the song was recorded at the studio, it was a parody of the desire of many artists to parody popular songs in their works - however, they call it "using a reference".
We ended up filming a parody video. Therefore, consider that the song "Three Troyandi" is a triple parody" - said Alexander Polozhinsky.

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