Cinema Zhovten: poster and tickets 2023


Poster Cinema Zhovten october 2023

Билеты Woman of…
18 october 15:35 wednesday
Woman of…

Poster Cinema Zhovten september 2020

Билеты Тест Трафик филмз (Артхаус)
24 september 10:00 thursday
Тест Трафик филмз (Артхаус)
Билеты Тест Трафик филмз
12 september 10:00 saturday
Тест Трафик филмз

Poster Cinema Zhovten august 2020

Билеты test 4
21 august 19:00 friday
test 4

Cinema Zhovten

«Zhovten» (the official name of LLC Kinoman) is a communal cinema in Kiev, the building of which was leased to a private company LLC Kinoman for a period until 2021. Began work in 1931 under the name "Ninth State Film Agency". «Zhovten»  is a member of the programs of the International Association of Cinemas Europa Cinemas. The Association focuses on promoting European film production by supporting cinemas. On October 29, 2014, the cinema was seriously damaged by fire as a result of deliberate arson. The restoration of the building lasted for almost a year with the financial participation of the Kyiv City State Administration and the patronage of public activists - in particular, the «Vryatuy Zhovten» initiative.