Mikhail Yasinsky, general producer of Oli Polyakova and Secret Service Entertainment Agency, became the hero of the new issue of the YouTube show "Slava +".
In an interview with host Slava Demin, he told why Jerry Heil refused production contracts and why he was flying to the USA.

“Back in 2019, Jerry Heil traveled to her native Vasilkov by minibus, and today she has advertising contracts with major brands and a huge fan base. She must survive the success that came to her, but he came unexpectedly and very quickly, - says Yasinsky in an interview. - Once I sat her in the office with Alan Badoev and said: if you want, we will deal with you, the entire agency resource is at your disposal. She asked a number of questions about how this cooperation would be arranged, but in the end she refused: "I want it myself." And this is mega-cool”-the producer comments on the singer's success.

Yasinsky also noted that Jerry Heil is now going through a very interesting period of his life: he says goodbye to the old and is looking for a new one.
The producer believes that she composes songs in Ukrainian in a new way, in a way that no one else in Ukraine has done.

“She grows up and develops faster than the society around her is changing. Therefore, we made the decision that Jerry Heil will go to the USA to study at Berkeley at the composing department, to visit that environment with musicians, composers, producers, songwriters. I want her to cook there and either come back with something new, or maybe stay there. Because Jerry Heil is a man of unique talent who can achieve much more success than we can imagine”-concluded the producer.

On April 9, Jerry Heil released a new album "Osobiste".
In it, she experiments with intimate melodramatic popular song lyrics based on stories from her own experience.

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