Zemfira released a new song "Austin". Looks like the album is coming soon

Zemfira released a new song "Austin". Looks like the album is coming soon

In the new work, Zemfira refers to Austin's butler from the mobile game Homescapes, who also became the protagonist of a disturbing animation clip.
"Austin" is a new song by the singer, whose last album "Live in Your Head" was released in 2013.
The animation clip was made based on the mobile game Homescapes, in which Austin the butler needs to restore the family estate by solving puzzles.
In a dark and sad video, he wanders about an abandoned estate and meets his memories.
After the release of the previous album, Zemfira released two songs: "Joseph" and "Crimea".
Obviously, the new composition will be included in the future, seventh album of the singer. In early February, Renata Litvinova, a director, actress and close friend of the singer, actually announced it on her social networks:

“When Kira Muratova told me after reading my short story“ Ophelia Who Drowned Innocently ”:“ I have two news for you: one good, the other bad. ” I asked to start with a good one. She said: "This is a brilliant story!" Then I asked, "Which is bad?" She replied: "You will never write anything better." And today - I listened to Zemfira's new album - and I have two news for you: one bad and one good. This is a brilliant album. And I don't know if she can write anything better!"

We will remind, the last time Zemfira performed in Ukraine in 2013 in Kiev. The concert took place as part of the tour in support of the album "Living in Your Head", which the singer then called "her last big work" and added that in the future she plans to release separate singles or mini-albums.

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