In which cases

The money paid for tickets is refundable only in case of cancellation, replacement or rescheduling of the event and subject to our official information about this from the organizers. Unfortunately, these circumstances do not depend on us. We do the best ticket service for you, but we cannot be held responsible conducting the events themselves. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Who returns

Refunds are made exclusively by event organizers. We will not be able to guarantee their fulfillment of their obligations, but we will do everything best to help you with this. Our team has developed a special form for operational interaction with the organizers, which you can find below.
Please complete it and the organizers will receive your refund request sooner.


Return Terms

The organizers will be able to refund you only for tickets purchased on our partners' sites or in our ticket offices.
Please keep your purchased tickets and order number - you will need them when returning. Organizers will not be able to return money for lost or tickets.

How much is returned

Only the face value of the ticket is refundable. The cost of the service fee, ticket delivery and other additional services, if you ordered them, is not coming back. Couriers rushed to deliver your order and our staff tried for you. Please treat with understanding.

We hope that the return conditions are clear to you and that you have fully read them. However, you can always contact our call center or write to us for more details. We will definitely help.

You can always find all the necessary information about the procedure and terms of return or the procedure for familiarizing yourself with it on our website.

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